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Saint Nicholas

Not your typical Santa Claus, the NOLAuf always includes the original Saint Nicholas following Krampus.

Born around 270 AD Saint Nicholas who was Bishop of Myra (Turkey), is the patron saint of children and the origin of Santa Claus. This is also the basis for the costume that resembles the standard vestments for a Bishop. Depicted by the wearing of a miter and cloak while walking with a staff shaped like a shepherd’s crook. The finishing touch has to be the iconic white beard.

Centuries ago tradition teamed Saint Nicholas up with Krampus. A common response to highlight specific qualities of a character by contrasting with a protagonist. This is also a theme you will notice in our NOLAuf where dark is contrasted by light and silence contrasted by dissonance.

Each year Krewe of Krampus invites an honorary guest to represent Saint Nicholas in the NOLAuf. Like the tradition of royalty of the Mardi Gras Krewes, Saint Nicholas is our king.

2019 Saint Nicholas

Marc Landry

2018 Saint Nicholas

Francis Grunow

2017 Saint Nicholas

Sven Vorkauf

Sven Vorkauf