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Sisters of Shhh

Krampus is born from ancient Alpine legends, but Shhh embodies modern day folklore.

A lot of folks are wondering who the mysterious women, dressed in white, are that cavort with Krampus when he is out and about. Well, they are the Sisters of Shhh.

The concept behind Shhh was born in 2012 at the Philadelphia Krampuslauf. Traditionally, in Alpine countries, Krampus costumes are worn by men and most of the legends that showcase women feature them as old hags. Deciding that this wouldn’t work a modern legend was born. A character was created that merged nature with the idea of a female version of Krampus. Thus, the Queen of Shhh was born. Cloaked all in icy white to symbolize winter she is a figure to be feared. Like Krampus she can lure the naughty away or frighten them back onto a path of good behavior, but the one thing she always does is warn all that Krampus is coming. Shhh stands for SHe Harkens Him and when you see the women all in white you know Krampus is not far behind. The Queen and Sisters of Shhh always proceed Krampus and try to quiet the crowd to avoid people attracting the attention of Krampus and being punished for being naughty.

With the official launch of the NOLAuf parade in New Orleans the Queen of Shhh is joined with the Sisters of Shhh. Another thing that is special about these women is that if you catch their eye you just might get one of the very prized and hand decorated lumps of white coal. You never know since one these magical lumps of coal just might save you from Krampus.