New Orleans has always been a worldly city built from many cultures and customs, which is why we wanted to celebrate this fact with a troupe that represents many lands.

Here in the south we say y’all to encompass everyone. The Y’ules are the way we embody the Yule time customs of everyone.

In this troupe you will find both well-known and obscure customs from around the globe with the common thread of being characters being born of winter. Yule is tied to the winter solstice, but the Y’ules cover the entire Christmas season. If the custom has to do with teaching a lesson of good vs. evil, it’s fair game.

Each year at the NOLAuf you will find a number of these different stories brought to life by this creative bunch as they change up costumes to entertain and educate. They also will decide who is deserving of our coveted, decorated lump of coal so be sure to catch their attention as they pass. To make sure you know who they are and where they are from, they each will have pieces of art to explain. If you are curious yell out Y’ules to them for a response.

Some characters you may see in the parade. Mardi Lywd,  Jolakotturinn the Yule Cat,  Père Fouettard (Father Whipper), and La Befana, just to name a few.