Gold Coal

A Lump of Coal

The only time you really want to get a lump of coal for the holidays

To truly be a New Orleans parade, you have to have throws. More importantly a signature throw. When it comes to Krewe of Krampus, we have selected something you typically do not want to get in your stocking. A lump of coal. However, when that lump of coal becomes a piece of art, things change. The Krewe only decorates a limited number of coal pieces each year making it a special treat to receive one.

Will you get lucky and get not only one, but the trinity? There are three variations of the coal. Krampus, The Frau, and Y’ules all handout black lumps of coal. While in contrast the Sisters of Shhh decorate their white or frozen coal. For the third, it wouldn’t be right to have Saint Nicholas have anything other than gold. Now there is only one St. Nick, so you have to be extra good in order to collect one of these special throws.