Krampus is Watching!

You may feel safe from Krampus during the rest of the year, but be warned Krampus is watching.

As a sign that Krampus is here in New Orleans and keeping tabs on your behavior, Krewe of Krampus passes out throws throughout the year as a reminder to the naughty. The main throw we have created for this purpose are the mini ruten. Ruten are the bundles of birch branches that Krampus carries with him to whack deserving children.

We have created mini bundles and decorate with all kinds of Alpine flair. These ornaments have twigs painted in mix of our colors of Coal Black, Holly Berry Red, and Saintly Gold, then embellished with bells, fur, leather and other adornments. Each is unique and make a great piece of art to hang in a spot you’ll always be reminded what happens when Krampus comes to town.

If you are lucky enough to receive a Ruten at one of the many parades or events in New Orleans, please share with us on social. Tag us @KreweofKrampus and use #KrampusisWatching

Krampus Ruten