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The New Orleans Krewe of Krampus

Our Mission

To support cultural understanding, promote social inclusion, and to contribute to the well-being of children in our community.

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish a core group of enthusiastic individuals that are passionate about sharing the Krampus tradition here in New Orleans through a walking parade. With a solid base and dedicated following the Krewe of Krampus parade and associated festivities will grow to be a “must attend” event of the December holiday season.

Tradition in New Orleans

In keeping with a true European Krampuslauf, known as a Krampus run, the Krewe will maintain many of the traditions found in Alpine villages. Our evening parade or Krampuslauf will be lead by Krampus, complete with switches, and Saint Nicholas accompanied by a host of other creatures and folklore legends like Perchta, Quantembermann, Knecht Ruprecht, and Belsnickel. Krewe members who choose not to dress as Krampus or one of the other main legends should consider being one of the helpers to Krampus or Saint Nicholas. We are calling these helpers ‘tit Noire, who are the dark or evil ones, that accompany Krampus and ‘tit Lumière, that are the light ones that balance the evening with positive energy and are there to support St. Nick. These unique Krewe of Krampus characters will help give the parade a unique New Orleans twist. It also wouldn’t be a proper Krampuslauf without some horns on your head, clanking chains, and ringing bells.

Krewe of Krampus Suit

Adding New Orleans Flavor

While dark, earthy, and scary are a huge part of a Krampuslauf, we want to put a New Orleans twist on things. Think gloomy and frightening meets bright and funky. This will be visually demonstrated with themed costuming and colors. Not only will we have the traditional Alpine characters, but we also welcome angels, fairies, elves, woodland creatures, and whatever else your imagination dreams up that would be in a Krampuslauf. The Krewe’s official colors are gold and holly berry red, so if you have trouble dreaming up a costume you can at least sport some festive Krewe colors.

Now a Krewe would be lost without it’s King to lead the way. Just as Krampus would be lost without the guidance of Saint Nicholas. We will introduce our honorary St. Nick each year to kickoff the festivities and lead the parade. Our Saint Nicholas will be complete with a mitre, robe, and staff inspired by the Krewe of Krampus.

Another important aspect to any New Orleans parade is the music. Anyone that has attended a local parade or second line will know that a brass band makes it a truly New Orleans event. Over time we see not only the inclusion of local bands, but also the formation of our very own Krampus Horns Brass Band. (interested click here)

Krampus Lumiere

Krampus works one night a year and has one job…to punish the naughty

Although if you have been getting yourself into trouble during the year it may be a bit risky coming to a Krampus gathering, but we still encourage it. In fact, we strongly encourage all attendees to celebrate along with us and get into the spirit by donning themed costumes. Get creative, we want to see how you interpret this Alpine tradition New Orleans style.

Think…a touch of alpine winter, snow, and cold.

The more creative you are with your costume might just be what’s needed to capture the attention of mean ol’ Krampus. Will you get the switch or will you get a coveted piece of coal? Are you brave enough to find out?

In keeping with New Orleans traditions the Krewe of Krampus will have traditional throws like beads along with several of our own. Including our signature throw, which will be handed to a select few and is an officially decorated lump of coal! It will be Krampus meets Mardi Gras

Be Part of the Festivities

In a city where the bar is high when it comes to events and parades, we have our work cut out for us. Lucky for all of us we live in a city that is always open to new ideas. With your help we can celebrate an age old tradition in a way only fitting for the great city of New Orleans.

Please sign up for updates and let us know if you are interested in being part of the Krewe.