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Krampus Carolers

Beware of these songbirds of the night as their carols my lure you into the dark.

Part caroling, part wassailing, the Krampus Carolers set out to entertain in this traditional act of exchanging food and drink for goodwill.

Unlike a parade where there are performers and an audience, Krampus Caroling invites everyone to walk along from stop to stop. Sing if you like or just enjoy the performance, either way you will experience the artistic contrast of peace and goodwill coming from such dark visuals.

Our carolers costume theme is that of the dark birds of prey and of the night. While birds are known for song, certain birds can also represent a mysterious  setting. Ravens, Owls, Vultures, all hint to the ideas of mystery and wisdom as well as evil and sorcery. The perfect combination for the Krewe of Krampus.

The Krampus Carolers can be seen at many of our events an are highlighted in our special event, Krampus Caroling in the Quarter. Always starting from Dauphine House, the place Krewe of Krampus was publicly announced, we strole from there into the Quarter. Grab a flask of glühwein and and follow along.