Krewe of Krampus is Like Mardi Gras in December2017-02-22T03:23:38+00:00

Krampus NOLAuf is like having Mardi Gras in December

New Orleans loves to throw a party. Every weekend, if not every day you will find some event to attend and at most you are encouraged to be in costume.

Mardi Gras, along with the excitement of the entire Carnival season, is definitely the king of all parties. It’s only natural that you see that spirit expanding out to other holidays and special events. So when we noticed the gap in the calendar for Krampusnacht and not feeling this special night was being fully represented, we knew it was time to introduce Krampus to New Orleans. To give Krampus the Mardi Gras level treatment.

Besides the similarities of a traditional Krampuslauf or Krampus Run and the many parades of Mardi Gras are a perfect match. During Mardi Gras and other times of the year you see all the different Krewes showcasing their creativity as they parade through the crowds. Having seen the level of creativity in costumes and performance in the different Krampus Runs around the world, it is only fitting to bring that here to New Orleans.

Now there is a Krewe that is here to blend it all together. The Krewe of Krampus. Bringing their experience from other Krampus Runs outside of NOLA to their experiences of Mardi Gras. Only our big day takes place before Christmas rather than kicking off Lent.

Having a little bit of fun with naming our big event we have combined Krampuslauf and NOLA to bring you the Krampus NOLAuf. A tradition sure to be embraced by the locals and visitors to New Orleans.

If you are interested in participating in any of the Krampus events or joining the Krewe, we would be excited to meet you. Especially if you are a New Orleanian that loves any excuse to toss on a costume and parade through the streets.

Crampes Mardi Gras